Faustin Wirkus – miner, American, and former Marine of Polish descent, reminisces the occupation of Haiti started by the USA in 1915. He goes back to the events on the island of Gonâve, whose administrator he had been between 1925 and 1929.

Faustin Wirkus never decided to disobey his superiors. In 1929 he received orders to leave Gonâve.

Despite his friendship with the local population, or even the fact that they declared him king, he followed the order without objection. In later years, he returned several times to the island, as a tourist. He published an autobiographical book “The White King of la Gonâve”. In 1933, he starred in “Voodoo”, a film that has since gone missing. He drifted from one job to the other, among others investing with some success on the stock exchange. He died in the USA in 1945, at the age of 48.

Production: Center for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski

Exhibition: Never Embrace Burning Statues

Opening: 28 November 2019

Length: 9 min.

Directors: Róża Duda, Michał Soja

Screenplay: Róża Duda, Michał Soja, Łukasz Zawada

Text: Łukasz Zawada

Camera, lighting: Piotr Podsiadło, Paweł Soja

Music: Bartosz Zaskórski, Mchy i Porosty

In the role of Faustin Wirkus: Adam Zduńczyk

Mastering: Piotr Figiel

Costumes: Marta Szypulska, Ireneusz Zając

Animation: Róża Duda, Michał Soja

Technical support with animation: Karol Wójcicki

Curator: Marta Lisok

Exhibition coordinator: Sara Szostak

Artistic mentor: Robert Sowa