Peer review process

Reviewers include Polish and international scholars, outstanding specialists in various domains of research in the field of visual culture. The quality of the journal’s scholarship is also guaranteed by the Editorial Board, which comprises acclaimed scholars from Poland and abroad.

Reviewers of articles published in View are obliged to report any conflict of interests to the editorial team.

Articles submitted for publication are to be relevant to the thematic scope of the journal and meet the formal and ethical requirements.

All research articles published in the CLOSE-UP and PANORAMA sections of the journal have undergone peer review. Once your paper has been assessed for suitability by the editor, it will then be double-blind peer-reviewed by independent expert referees.

Article evaluation criteria are stipulated in the review form with the following structure:

  1. Does the article introduce new qualities to the research in the given field? If yes, how?
    • In the choice of the field
    • In the way the issues are presented
    • In the proposed interpretation
    • Methodologically
    • Other
  2. What are the virtues of the article?
  3. What are the shortcomings of the article?
  4. Is the article well constructed? Does it have any stylistic errors?
  5. Could the article be cut down without hurting the analysis? If yes, where?
  6. Does the article make good use of other research on the topic?
  7. Are the illustrations (if there are any) well chosen and placed?
  8. Other remarks

Each review ends with a conclusion concerning the acceptance of an article for publication (with potential corrections) or rejection. The reviews adopt the character of recommendations. The final decision – concerning both specific corrections and publication – belongs to the editorial team. Exceptions occur when an article is negatively evaluated by two reviewers, which entails the need for a third, external positive review.

The editorial team reserves the right to desk reject submissions.